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318 Countor Rotating

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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 8:46 am    Post subject: 318 Countor Rotating Reply with quote

I have a 1972 Tollycraft 28 Express. I have been restoring this boat for two years. I took both engings out and sent them to the machin shop for rebuild noghting facy or for speed, just stock. The Port engine work's great. The storbord engine will not reve over 3200 rpm. So I swithch the carb. first no luck. Then the coil. So then we put in ajustble roller rocker arms. No luck. Then we took the engine out and sent it back to the machin shop. Check every thing we could think of. Put the engine back in. NO luck. So I put in a new Maroly Electroic disturter. NO LUCK.

PS I can't spell

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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 11:14 am    Post subject: Tollycraft engine power problem Reply with quote


Nice boat! I like the smaller Tolly's

I presume you have a set of 318's for suitable power? I am a Chrysler fan, back to the older A318 then LA318.

1. You do not state if the RPM problem is prop related, but assuming that you are just telling me that it will not get over 3200 with the prop removed (or just the engine bedded, not hooked to the shaft). Is this correct?

If you are not getting 3200 with the prop on, running in water moving along – well, that gives me only a couple choices; That engine may have the wrong camshaft; that engine is not putting out the power (HP) it should and is subsequently over propped (reprop the one engine to let her come up).

2. When you are running the STBD engine to 3200, is it running hotter than the other engine (by more than 20 degrees at the same RPM)?

OK, here is what I know that will reduce an engines RPM significantly. Some you have checked

1. Timing – check, recheck you timing

2. You swapped carbs, so you are comparing fuel – good.

3. Test the ‘tightness’ of the engine – by hand first (with a bar and socket)

4. Do you have a way you can test the drag through your transmission?

5. A propeller taking too big a bite or being just too big for the engine.

My best guess from what you are saying is this; You have a timing/valve issue that is causing the engine to hold back OR you have an incorrect camshaft that inhibits your power curve OR you have incorrect propping OR you have drag inside the engine or transmission that is holding back the engine. All things being equal, they should run together. I am not sure if that helps, but I can see you are not afraid of work if you pulled the engine a second time and took it back to the shop!

Boat Scotty
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